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Hello world and welcome to Real Freedom Affiliate where we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the tools to rid yourself of your 9 to 5 or daily work routine. My name is Irving Hierro a.k.a as Hierroman and I will be your main author.

Here at Real Freedom Affiliate we are only interested in offering real business opportunities to those professional who want more of life or just want to be financially free. Yes, I’m talking to those people who have a career or steady job, but dont jave much time for themselves or family or any other endeavor because let’s face it work take a lot of our time, energy, and determination.

I’m also talking to those other professional who they know that their skills transcend that of their jobs and that they can make a real living with their own business.

So stick around if you like what you hear so far and wish to continue down and please leave us a comment or feedback and we will make sure to respond!

Hierroman’s Story

So by now you know my name, Hierroman, and  have an idea of what it is that we are trying to do here at Real Freedom Affiliate. So let me give you some of my backstory and why I decided to become an affiliate.

I didn’t have a trouble childhood or a broken home thankfully, but I did see my parents work a lot and hard. I also saw that parents were too tired to enjoy thier kids, go on vacation, or just go out themselves. My parents basically were working to keep what they have and nothing else.

So I told myself that I will go to school, get a degree, and make sure I make enough money to really enjoy my life and make sure that I dont miss out on anything that I like. I was young and didn’t really understand all aspects of life, but anyways the day comes and I graduate with a degree in Finance. I was loving it and I quickly got my first job working for an insurance company.

So life continued and I met my beautiful fiance and we moved in together. Life’s responsibilities started to mount and I felt my self getting into a mundane routine of work and home. Bills also started to come up and I found myself in need of more income. To make the long story short I felt like my parents, working to just keep what I have and enjoying life less and mess.

I was a professional, had a degree, a good job, but in this world sometimes that is not enough, it certainly wasn’t enough for me. I started to look for other opportunities because I want to truly be independent from financial worries and I found affiliate marketing and here I am giving it my all and enjoying the success that comes with it.

So if you feel like this is you, or your profession has put you in a mundane routine that you hate, or your skills far surpass what you are currently doing than stick around because this could be an opportunity of a lifetime!

The Goal Of This Site

What is our goal? As stated before my goal for this site is for those like minded people who feel like thier professional life is in a rut and are looking for a legitament way to free themselves financially can actually achieve just that.

Now we are not just talking to those people we are also talking to the people that feel like thier skills are being wasted at a professional job and could be doing something more productive with their time.

Now this isn’t a get rich quick scheme nor am I saying that everyone can succeed as affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work and dedication. However this site like I said is for those people who already have completed the milestones that would have guaranteed their success, but life didn’t turn out like that and now they are looking for a great opportunity that could change their lives.

Above else the reason why I chose these goals is because I want to help people achieve their dreams. I’ve been helping people pretty much my whole life and now through Real Freedom Affiliate I have a chance to do exactly that. I want this site to be the gateway to financial freedom, the exit to your mundane routine, or the vehicle to your enjoyment if life. These are the very reason why I became an affiliate.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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